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Use This Elegant Lighting to Bring Your Bathroom to the Next Level

Use This Elegant Lighting to Bring Your Bathroom to the Next Level

​Remodeling your bathroom allows you to transform it into the relaxing haven it should be. According to Market Research, 65% of people who responded to a recent survey said the shower was their primary focus during a remodel. However, ensuring the ideal lighting is crucial to having the perfect bathroom. An elegant lighting vanity is a great way to achieve that.

Desired Ambience

An elegant lighting vanity is the perfect way to create your desired ambiance. Turn up the dimmer switch to create a room with more energy that makes you feel like dancing the night away. This is perfect for anyone getting ready to go out on the town. Or, head the opposite way and turn the lights down to create a relaxing, romantic environment ideal for winding down at the end of a long day. Elegant lighting vanities with a dimmer are perfect for controlling a bathroom's mood.

Enhanced Functionality

A dimly lit bathroom is excellent for relaxation. This is particularly true if you want your bathroom to feel like an oasis after a hectic day. However, this can also make it challenging to apply cosmetics properly. When you apply makeup in dim light, you often wear more colorful makeup that doesn’t look well in natural light. A well-lit vanity area is the perfect way to achieve that. Opt for dim lighting in the bathroom with additional vanity lighting to instantly make your bathroom more functional.

Enhanced Aesthetics

The proper lighting can instantly transform your bathroom. Elegant lighting vanity options will highlight artistic vanities, creating an impressive focal point that both homeowners and guests will love. Hollywood lights surrounding a vanity create a timeless appeal ideal for makeup application. Smart lighting options add an element of modern sophistication to any bathroom. Regardless of your design style, the proper lighting instantly enhances it.

Lighting Location

The lighting location is paramount to creating the desired experience and functionality in a bathroom. Place lighted vanities away from the shower to enjoy a dimly lit, relaxing shower at the end of the day. However, vanity lighting should be placed by your mirror to increase functionality. A professional can help you determine the proper lighting placement to achieve the desired effect.

We have years of experience in vanities, including vanity lighting. Our products encompass various design styles, including everything from modern to rustic charm. Contact us at Galeria Stores today to learn more about the products we offer.

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